Friday, March 13, 2009

Black Phoenix 3/7/09- Rope Mania!

Who has two thumbs and got three consecutive scenes with David Lawrence?

That's right! This girl!

This occurred last weekend at Black Phoenix. The evening began with Master_Tombstone and I meeting with David for dinner at Applebee's. It was a really fun and interesting dinner as David introduced the poor bartender to his "line of work"... and also introduced Tombstone and I to his newly released book reBound via his iPhone.

Then we made our way to Black Phoenix. David stopped me and told me I had one job—to carry in the bamboo that would make it’s way into my bondage scene. I did so, obediently and dutifully. After all I *am* known for my obedience.

The beginning of the night had me in the dressing room with Vanessa where we drank champagne and made her VERY, very sparkly. She was prepping for her collaring ceremony between her and Markart. The end result was this beautiful woman virtually became an angel. She is already gorgeous but between the semi-virginal (it was practically see thru) white dress and the glitter overload—Vanessa looked positively radiant.

The ceremony was gorgeous, the candlelight that surrounded them highlighted her seraphic features. She was stripped naked and crawled with the collar in her mouth to Mark. They then exchanged vows. Even I started to feel happy tears coming. You can read more personal accounts of this beautiful ceremony on Vanessa’s blog.

After the champagne was popped open and the Mark and Vanessa were duly toasted it was time to get down to business. David pulled me to the small little bamboo pyramid and he commenced to tie me first face down. I wish I could remember the specifics of his ties, perhaps he can comment later on the logistics, but all I know is that I floated from the second the plain hemp touched my skin. And once I became suspended- I no longer floated but FLEW.

The second suspension was on the same rig. This time he did a semi-inverted backwards… thing… that had me in an almost diagonal position, head towards the ground, and upside down. All four of my limbs were tied to each of the bamboo poles. This gave he and Tombstone direct access to all of my more sensitive areas, which they both thoroughly took advantage of. At the end, as I lay panting on the mat, ropes still attached to random parts of my body, I remember his appreciation of the state I was in. Rope does something very particular to me, and he seemed to be able to bask in my glow, just as Tombstone does. It was an amazing moment.

The third suspension was a completely inverted suspension and was on one of the higher rigs… and was a one-legged no less! As if that wasn’t enough, he had secured the suspended leg to one of the notorious bamboo poles. I, unfortunately, couldn’t hold this position long enough for them to drive me as crazy as they did in the other positions. In fact, at one point while disentangling me, David produced some sort of cutting instrument and commenced slicing the rope, to my astonishment. I’ve been around a lot of rope guys, you see, and their rope is their *baby*. So to see him casually cutting his rope (he cut a BUNCH off) was surprising to say the least. I must’ve said something or made some audible noise, because he looked at me and said “The rope is my medium, but you, you’re my art” or something to that effect. At that point I was simply in a daze, but that sentiment gave me all kinds of warm and fuzzies.

Three restrictive bondage scenes, pain via spanking and single tails, and enough vibrator action to give me significant practice for, left me bone dry, exhausted, hoarse from screaming—and extremely content. I even experienced some heavy drop the next day. But I’m still carrying around the pieces of rope he cut in my purse. Creepy? Maybe… or maybe I’m too lazy to take them out. But it sure does help with the drop….

Cherries popped by David Lawrence with the assistance of Master Tombstone:

-First ever fully naked public scene

-First ever Hitachi use in public

-First ever one-legged suspension

Needless to say, it was a helluva night!

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  1. i beg to differ lady - NOT first public use of that marvelous magic wand :P