Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Day in the Life: My first Porn Shoot

What a treat this dirty Jersey girl had last week in shooting with Lochai for As a long time fangirl of sites (I've been viewing them well before I was old enough!) this was a dream come true!

My first night there was ALMOST enough fun to have me leave happy without even doing my shoot. I hung out with the boys from Naked Kombat and we set about exploring the Armory and scaring the crap out of ourselves. They made me feel welcome and I was happy they were keeping the same hours of me. I couldn't sleep for the life of me!

I slept with the black cat cuz I was scared... Ghosts are a thing for me. I'm terrified of the prospect of seeing one. So at least I had a bed partner. I got a surprise at 3 am when I finally tried to lay down and sleep, and a really hot chick and her rather butch 'friend' went into the room next to me and had reallllly loud sex. While I can appreciate hot lesbian fun and the smacking noises as someone was getting their ass whacked, I needed sleep. Man, y'all are kinky... couldn't you gag her or somethin? I don't even know what time I ended up falling asleep.

I got up at 9, too excited to sleep in. Knowing Lochai's affinity for everything anal, I let it slip that although I do love getting things rammed in my ass, this dirty girl has never cleaned herself out prior to. Jumping on this opportunity, Lochai decided he was gonna tie me up and administer the enema. My first enema was caught on camera for the new Everything Butt site (which I've just been booked for in June, so hasn't seen the last of me!)

I'm no stranger to BDSM, but Lochai took a lot of my cherries that day. First my enema, then he used the deliciously tortuous clover clamps on my tiny little nipples which was new for me, and one scene took my anal hook virginity (and boy, did he thoroughly take it!)

I wish I could recount everything, but much of it is a blur, seeing as though there is one scene which just has me continuously orgasming so violently that it looks like I'm having a seizure

And let's not talk about what happened afterwords. Let's just say I had a few more orgasms and got to make a pretty kitty purrrrrrr.

Lordy I hope they bring me on other sites. I'm about ready to move to San Francisco. What an experience!

<3 Ten