Monday, February 23, 2009


Hoping this message works. Here's a viddy of me being tied to the cog at Wicked.

Yes my elbows are touching behind my back.

And yes, I got dizzy.

Just a Note

My ass got mentioned again in Graydancer's newest Ropecast which discusses his adventures at Dark Odyssey. Again, nicest ass he's ever seen, apparently. Pretty amazing compliment given that he's seen(and played with) tons of beautiful women's asses. Plus he reviews some kinky Extreme Restraints toys like vibrating nipple clamps.... which I NEED.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire 2009 Sunday

After another near sleepless night, I rolled out of bed and attempted to make it to the classes I wished to attend. But, oh was the lack of sleep starting to take its. I had to stop at the Starbucks to purchase a large latte with 2 extra shots so that I was able to stay cognizant during Lochai’s class. Having watched Lochai’s work online, and now recently in person the night before—although I was quite hazy—I was very interested in watching him at work and actually being able to process what he was doing. I went to his Bringing it Down class which emphasized that suspension is not the only impressive and useful rigger talent. He demonstrated many new techniques and it was fun to watch my friends and others following along with their rope, mimicking what he did. I often glanced over to Master_Tombstone who joined me for this class when I saw something new and interesting to make sure he was taking it all in. At one point he even alluded to the scene he’d witnessed between me and Kelley Dane. My silly little inner fangirl was thrilled at the fact that he’d even remembered my name!

Then we meandered to Graydancer’s Tie ‘Em Up and Fuck ‘Em class. With a title like that who wouldn’t want to attend. By then the sleep deprivation was again taking it’s toll, so much so that when Graydancer walked in, after knowing me all of 24 hours, made a comment about how tired I looked. But there was no way I was going to let it stop me from watching just how simple it was to utilize rope as a facilitator for…well…fucking. He even did a demonstration as to how much quicker it was to use rope instead of cuffs in restraining the “victim”.

After these classes were over, I ambled about, looking for a couch to pass out on for a bit to recharge for the nightly festivities. Everyone in our room had already checked out (I had to leave Sunday night, having to be at work at 9am Monday morning—and it was a 4 hour drive, blah), so I no longer had a home base. I ended up on a couch in the room that ended up turning into the Kiddie Day Care and Petting Zoo. Which is something I know nothing about… But seriously, the naughty nighttime exploits and such had made it difficult to indulge my inner little. While I was still exhausted and spent much of this activity with my head in MasterTombstone’s lap and watching the juvenile chaos around me, it did me good to play with the bubbles and play-dough that MinaMeow provided and to allow myself to regress a bit.

Soon my blood sugar got the best of me again. MasterTombstone and I were slotted to have our V-day dinner so we made our way to the restaurant and enjoyed some quiet time and yummy food. Then it was time to prepare for the dungeon to re-open. Inspired by my regression earlier, opted to go for the school-girl—something that was quite prevalent on Sunday. Did I miss the memo?

When I walked in, I caught MasterTombstone tying MinaMeow up in the big cage so I sat in front of it and watched for a while. And then I spied Graydancer tying up Naiia, and I think Mataleao was assisting? (Forgive me if details are more fuzzy than usual at this point, I was functioning off of about 7 hours of sleep in 3 days). Then in the corner I saw Lochai suspending calliopeo. After wandering around the main dungeon, my attention drawn between these three scenes, I decided to find a vantage point where I could see ALL of the scenes while being inconspicuous so as not to disturb any of them with my presence. So I sat on a table in the corner (where Lochai had been binding someone the night previous and next to the rack that would serve to suspend me).

I lost track of time, my ADD going wild as I immersed myself from scene to scene, when I noticed Lochai was untying his “victim”. The scene was over. As he gathered his ropes I caught his eye briefly.

“Hey you. Wanna get tied up?” he asked, his East Coast accent peaking through. This time I didn’t just think it.

“Hell yes!” I jumped right off that table, exhaustion pretty much forgotten for the moment. After a brief negotiation, the scene commenced. Again, nearly the second the rope touched my skin, I melted, the world around me fading away. It was only he and I as his handmade rope and his hands caressed my skin, securing me tighter and tighter with each wrap, each encirclement taking me one more step into a different plane. I remember how good I felt at the sound of approval he made when he discovered that my elbows could touch behind my back.

My legs started to shake, my muscles screaming from the heels I was wearing. On a normal day, I could handle those heels, but after wearing sexy 5-6inch heels every night, my legs decided that now was the time to protest. I tried not to let the pain distract me, tried to keep myself in the alternate reality I had entered, tried to focus on the delight and pleasure Lochai’s hands and his rope administered to my entire body. But the constant persistent objections of my tired legs made it difficult. By that time, he’d wrapped rope in my mouth around my head and I was grateful that the makeshift gag was containing my mewls of pain.

I can handle this, I told myself, I’m being tied up by a celebrity rigger. I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t ‘hardcore’ or something. No sooner did I tell him this that he bent down and began to unbuckle my shoes. I was in a state of disbelief at his ability to read what I tried so hard to keep contained. Was he a mind-reader? After my feet were out of the implements of torture that I’d been wearing I sighed and gave him a resounding, “Thank you!”

“If you’re going to be in pain, I’m going to be the one to cause it,” he said matter-of-factly. My stomach flipped excitedly and I felt an erotic heat flood throughout my body at that simple statement. To illustrate his point he produced a pair of nipple clamps, each with its own chain, connected to a keychain-like “O” at the middle. I’d never ever experienced nipple clamps before so I was both aroused but nervous about what would come next. He removed the ropes from around my mouth and then stuck the “O” in my mouth so that the chains tugged maliciously at my nipples, making my vision flash white.

Then he went to work on me, driving me further over the edge, fondling, stroking, smacking, pinching, kissing… It’s all a blur. At some point the “O” had fallen from my mouth and he replaced it with his tongue which possessed me as his hands continued to tease and torment. His assault began to focus on my more naughty bits and as he stroke, fondled and slapped down there I felt the first climax building slowly, encompassing my entire body, filling me more an more until I felt it begin to spill over. I begged for release and Lochai assented, telling me that I should climax as needed.

His assault continued for… who knows how long. The number of orgasms I’d experienced were now well into the double digits. At one point—I don’t even remember how it happened now—I was on the ground and he fastened me in a strict position, elbows still touching behind my back, but my chest to my upper thighs, legs straight out, and me on my side. This position afforded him quite some access to continue with his “dastardly deeds”.

At one point I started to beg for mercy, I had orgasmed so many times I couldn’t catch my breath. The scene winded down and he began to untie me. I stood shakily and he caught me up in an embrace as I regained my sense of reality. We ended up back on the floor cuddling and talking. This time Kelley was no where in sight to snatch me up. I don’t know how long we talked but it had to have been at least an hour. We talked about his wife and family, his life, our views on bondage and submission… then he turned the conversation to

He basically said that if all of that was real, then I had a spot, if I so chose. I was completely taken aback. Really? Little ol’ me? On a big time site like that?? I told him I’d put some thought into it and then get back to him. But the offer itself was such a compliment. I’ve since made my decision. But that’s a story for another blog…

We left around 11:30-midnight and made our way back to Dirty Jersey. And I knew that after that whole experience, life would not be the same.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire 2009 Saturday- Valentine’s DayDark Odyssey: Winter Fire 2009 Saturday- Valentine’s Day

After pulling ourselves out of bed, I stumbled down and paid a ridiculous amount of money for the overpriced breakfast buffet. (What can I say, that blood sugar, it’s a BITCH). Then I made my way to my desired classes. I went to Rough Body Play by Phantom. For having what very little (what was it, 3 weeks?) experience in the scene, it was quite informative. The illustrations on the Powerpoint were extremely relevant… ‘cause ya know… kittens play rough, I tell ya! Plus I got to watch Phantom beat up super hot ladies—who could ask for more?

Then I attended Defining Moments by Graydancer. It was extremely refreshing to find a class that had to do with ideas and emotions and the otherwise intangible aspects, that could be applied not only of BDSM, but also mundania. Don’t get me wrong, I love learning about physical technique, although I’m usually just a practice bottom. But stimulating my body is one thing. My brain—well that’s where one can really fuck me good. So anyways, after the class ended, MasterTombstone went up to introduce himself to Graydancer. For some reason, my normal, very extroverted self morphed into some kind of reserved and shy, and I even might have stuttered a bit when I finally spoke. This occurrence was abnormal to say the least, but was also quite entertaining to me.

With no plans for Valentine’s Eve (dinnerish time) I was open to almost anything. I got the invite from Sir_Q take part in the shoot we’d been planning like… forever ago. I met him at Wicked Faire ‘08 when some random guy stopped me and asked me to model some [armor]( and he was the photographer. He also caught the beginning of Master Tombstone’s and I *gasp* FIRST public Suspension. Then, small world, I ran into him at Playa del Fuego which is the East Coast regional Burning Man. You can see the pics he took of that in my gallery…

However, I never really had any personal time with Q and his lovely partner Emily. So I definitely snagged this chance. Plus, he promised me fire. Those fire aura pictures you see on profiles like Sister Dee’s? Yeah, I got to do that. Pics are forthcoming so I’ll be able to post them soon I hope! But besides the fireplay, we ordered some room service and had some real intimate fun and what was once supposed to be dinner and pics turned into a 4 hour long play date! Not that I’m complaining. But it was 11 o’clock by the time I was able to compose myself and go downstairs and I knew I’d be seeing them the following weekend at Wicked Faire ‘09. More fun was sure to be had there, and I didn’t want to miss out on things unique to D.O.

Once downstairs back at the party, I found a group of my friends and was hanging out and talking with them. I happened to catch Graydancer out of the corner of my eye and remarked impetuously about how I thought having a play session with him would be amazing or something like that. So, of course, my good buddy Mataleao takes this as a cue to literally *drag* me over to where he was, talking to a group of very delicious females, with me struggling along the way because I would’ve rather have approached him myself, when he wasn’t otherwise occupied. My near struggle had me tripping as we reached him and practically falling into his arms— as if the stuttering wasn’t enough. I was definitely feeling both “I’m gonna get you back” and grateful to Mataleao for putting me in this predicament. For, although I felt kinda goofy (which really isn’t so bad IMO :) ) I was standing there with Gray’s arm around me as he finished his convo with the pretty ladies. Finally he looked at me and smiled and said, “Shall we?” Oh hell yes!

We found something that resembled a masseuse chair (again, I’m lost on the actual names of all this BDSM furniture) and quick as a flash, he bent me over it. Once he began securing me with his rope, it all went blurry. You see, I melt once rope hits me and I begin to be bound—provided it’s not any average joe schmoe on the street and the energy is there. Previously I’d only felt it with MasterTombstone, but really, he was the only one who’d ever tied me up (adeptly) in the past. So I melted and flew all at once and time slowed down and the world faded away and it was only him and me. I don’t remember particulars, only that he used his other amazing skills and instuments (a flogger and other instruments of mass destruction/pleasure) to make me go further into space. Then, I’d almost forgotten… I’d volunteered to take his birthday spanks. As it was, I’m assuming, well past midnight, it was time for me to take what I’d committed to (oh no, please, not that). He did have an evil wooden paddle—did I mention I HATE paddles?—and he made me count the swats in my head, beating my already sore bum in various rhythym and patterns to try to confuse me so that I’d answer incorrectly when he asked me how many I’d taken. I did, I must confess, screw up once—after being over halfway through! And so he started over. After getting less than halfway, he launched into a tirade of blows on my poor little bottom and thighs and SOMEhow I managed to count them despite their rapid descent. He asked how many…

“Only one more, Gray…” I said, huskily and half-tauntingly. I swear I heard him smile. So he gave it to me and then began rubbing the OUCH out of my posterior. “Happy Birthday, Gray,” I managed, my thoughts starting to roam elsewhere as he rubbed against me. Like I told him, I was really starting to regret my “no penetration” rule, J .

Once he’d untied me, we walked around, his arm still around me as I started to return to earth. We paused at the front door, I needed water, and I think he needed to talk to someone… I’d mentioned wanting to meet Lochai since I’d been logging onto since I was 15, but I really didn’t think he’d give me the time of day as I’m sure he has women clamoring for his attention all of the time. Graydancer immediately took me to him and introduced me, then introduced my ass, which he claims is “literally the nicest ass he’s ever seen, it’s quite exceptional”. Given the tremendous number of beautiful women Gray has had the good fortune to work with, this was quite the compliment. We talked for a bit and I’d told him how many times I’d looked at the Model Call page and he said I should apply… hmmm… yeah wasn’t too sure about that one. But I didn’t have much time to ponder about it before I was snatched up by someone from behind.

I’m not sure how it happened, I was still so foggy from my extraordinary scene and from meeting someone I’d been watching make women cum in a way that only existed in my fantasies, but Kelley Dane struck again. Grabbing me, he told me he was going to take me hostage and ask MasterTombstone for random. I shot a pleading look at Graydancer and he said, “Well, I guess I’ll see ya later!” Thaaaannnnx.

I put up a pretty good fight but Kelley managed to bind my arms uselessly behind me and sat me down by one pole of a mechanical suspension rig thingee. He then proceeded to duct tape around my entire mouth, all the way around my head. Then tied my neck (loosely for all you safety freaks) to the pole. Then he had his cronies stand watch as he went to make his demands (of one dollar I would later find out) to MasterTombstone. I nearly escaped the ropes binding my arms once, when Kelley appeared out of no where and bound me back up again, this time tighter, while I kicked and struggled. He disappeared again.

I sat there and looked back, and in the dark depths of the very front of the room, in the corner behind the rig, I spotted Lochai doing… what Lochai does—tying up a pretty lady for to use and abuse. He saw me and looked approvingly at Kelley’s handiwork. Next thing I know I see MasterTombstone out of the corner of my eye coming toward me. He snapped out his knife and in one swift motion, the duct tape was cut off. He began to untie me and picked me up of the ground… Yay! He saved the day!

It wasn’t much later that I was bound with (what else?) six, dollar store, belts. I was bound with my knees to my chest and my wrists to my ankles and who knows what else, but I was bound so securely and so simply that MasterTombstone attached me to the pulley machine and I heard a wonderfully disturbing noise and I, bound in a human Ten ball, started to lift off the ground. MasterTombstone then took out his single tail and started to go to work on me although I was swinging above his head. I always marvelled that he was able to do that.

But alas, it only lasted a few minutes. We got kicked out of the dungeon again…

But the night was still young! We went to a V.I.P. party and I met up with known friends like my dear Ammre who introduced me to some new people, including the gorgeous Bella who indulged me in some delicious face slapping. I wasn’t at the party long before leaving with an extremely attractive couple. The events that went on in that room…well… I won’t go into them in great detail, but suffice it to say that I made someone my hand puppet for the first time, and I became a hand puppet…

Another night of creeping to bed in the dawning hours of twilight.

And yeah, there was still a day left yet.

Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire 2009 Day 1- Friday

Having been my first major hotel event, I had no idea of what to expect about D.O. I sort of felt a little as if it was going to be disappointing because of the massive amounts of hype. Boy was I wrong.


We arrived in the mid-evening Friday night due to a flat tire. I scurried to my room to change for the evening’s festivities and I opted for the newest addition to my wardrobe- a pink and black apron-like piece and matching thigh highs—oh and I finally got to wear the pink shoes that were obtained from a photoshoot a long time ago. I really never thought I’d wear them again, pink isn’t exactly my color… but they were the perfect accent! The reason I detail this particular outfit is because I was quite nervous. It left very little to the imagination and while I’m an exhibitionist, I’m also kinda self-conscious, plus I'd already got a glimpse of some of the hotties that were in attendance.

Changes spotlight from me to the major event of the evening
MinaMeow had her first hook Suspension scheduled that evening. I remember how nervous and scattered she was, sheesh, I’d be too! She didn’t make a sound (that I could hear) as they inserted the hooks which was amazing to me. But she sure as hell did as she started to go up. I work with truckers and I don’t hear that much foul language! I was really anxious as they hauled her up. She was so tense and loud and I started to wonder what the heck was the point of the act until I saw her face relax. I felt this tremendous energy wash over me as I watched her. She positively glowed. She began to sway back and force, like a little kid playing, and I caught myself swaying in time with her at one point. She started to ask those who are closest to her to spin her…. WendyBlackheart, MasterTombstone, etc. and then she yelled “Ten! Spin me!!!”. I felt honored that she wanted me to interact with her in this intense and notable moment. When it was over, that glow that I obtained in viewing this didn’t leave. Like I said in her LiveJournal/Fetlife entry —she didn’t climb the mountain that evening, she soared over it.

Focuses spotlight back on herself After I’d gone up and had a snack (low blood sugar-- it's such a pain) and recovered to join the land of the living, I started getting antsy. It was getting late and I still hadn’t had any playtime. So I started play-bratting (much different than my real bratting I assure you) with MasterTombstone and when he started to “chastise me” I told him I’d been a naughty girl. So he decided to do what should be done to naughty girls. We got to the spanking (bench? Chair? I’m not sure what to call it) and he started going to town on my rear with various instruments. It didn’t take long for me to get “pliable” when Mina happened by. I didn’t see her right away. She started beating a rhythym on my back in tandem with Tombstone. It had me flying in no time. Then they switched, he came to my front and she stayed in back. She suggested he… well… blushes “take it out and put it in my mouth”. (JEEZ how am I going to be a porn star if I get all embarrassed typing about sucking my man’s cock) So anyways… what started as a harmless little spanking scene turned into a really hot three way action and my first encounter with public fornication

Except we got kicked out of the dungeon before it was all done. Needing a place to finish we ran into Mr. Kelley Dane and the sweet little sprout. They invited us up to continue the havoc and we did. There was rope, hitachi’s, a dragon’s tail and many other instruments of doom. At one point sprout and I ended up with an apple duck taped into my mouth, which I thought was a titallatingly novel and off the cuff move on Kelley’s part. I don’t know what time we ended up heading back to the room to pass out and rest up for the following day, but suffice it to say that it was in the wee twilight hours of morning.

I swear if that was all there was to the event, I could’ve gone home happy. But no… there was two more days left…