Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire 2009 Day 1- Friday

Having been my first major hotel event, I had no idea of what to expect about D.O. I sort of felt a little as if it was going to be disappointing because of the massive amounts of hype. Boy was I wrong.


We arrived in the mid-evening Friday night due to a flat tire. I scurried to my room to change for the evening’s festivities and I opted for the newest addition to my wardrobe- a pink and black apron-like piece and matching thigh highs—oh and I finally got to wear the pink shoes that were obtained from a photoshoot a long time ago. I really never thought I’d wear them again, pink isn’t exactly my color… but they were the perfect accent! The reason I detail this particular outfit is because I was quite nervous. It left very little to the imagination and while I’m an exhibitionist, I’m also kinda self-conscious, plus I'd already got a glimpse of some of the hotties that were in attendance.

Changes spotlight from me to the major event of the evening
MinaMeow had her first hook Suspension scheduled that evening. I remember how nervous and scattered she was, sheesh, I’d be too! She didn’t make a sound (that I could hear) as they inserted the hooks which was amazing to me. But she sure as hell did as she started to go up. I work with truckers and I don’t hear that much foul language! I was really anxious as they hauled her up. She was so tense and loud and I started to wonder what the heck was the point of the act until I saw her face relax. I felt this tremendous energy wash over me as I watched her. She positively glowed. She began to sway back and force, like a little kid playing, and I caught myself swaying in time with her at one point. She started to ask those who are closest to her to spin her…. WendyBlackheart, MasterTombstone, etc. and then she yelled “Ten! Spin me!!!”. I felt honored that she wanted me to interact with her in this intense and notable moment. When it was over, that glow that I obtained in viewing this didn’t leave. Like I said in her LiveJournal/Fetlife entry —she didn’t climb the mountain that evening, she soared over it.

Focuses spotlight back on herself After I’d gone up and had a snack (low blood sugar-- it's such a pain) and recovered to join the land of the living, I started getting antsy. It was getting late and I still hadn’t had any playtime. So I started play-bratting (much different than my real bratting I assure you) with MasterTombstone and when he started to “chastise me” I told him I’d been a naughty girl. So he decided to do what should be done to naughty girls. We got to the spanking (bench? Chair? I’m not sure what to call it) and he started going to town on my rear with various instruments. It didn’t take long for me to get “pliable” when Mina happened by. I didn’t see her right away. She started beating a rhythym on my back in tandem with Tombstone. It had me flying in no time. Then they switched, he came to my front and she stayed in back. She suggested he… well… blushes “take it out and put it in my mouth”. (JEEZ how am I going to be a porn star if I get all embarrassed typing about sucking my man’s cock) So anyways… what started as a harmless little spanking scene turned into a really hot three way action and my first encounter with public fornication

Except we got kicked out of the dungeon before it was all done. Needing a place to finish we ran into Mr. Kelley Dane and the sweet little sprout. They invited us up to continue the havoc and we did. There was rope, hitachi’s, a dragon’s tail and many other instruments of doom. At one point sprout and I ended up with an apple duck taped into my mouth, which I thought was a titallatingly novel and off the cuff move on Kelley’s part. I don’t know what time we ended up heading back to the room to pass out and rest up for the following day, but suffice it to say that it was in the wee twilight hours of morning.

I swear if that was all there was to the event, I could’ve gone home happy. But no… there was two more days left…

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